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Scouting and the Australian Defence Forces

The Nature and Purpose of the Memorandum

Defence Families of Australia (DFA) and Scouts Australia are engaging in a partnership with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) community by mutually supporting a program to support Defence Forces families engage in the Scout Program in the context of the unique transient lifestyles of ADF families.

There are 24,000 Defence Forces postings, on average, each year with the majority being families with dependents.

The translocation to and engagement in a new community for young people may be made easier for them by support from Scouts Australia at a local level. Young people can be encouraged and facilitated to join the local Scout Group either as new members or to continue their Scouting experience.

Our partnership also has the potential to provide benefits for parents, carers and other Defence Forces members who may wish to engage in their community as members of the Scout Group Committee and as Leaders.

This is a program to support Defence Families and local Scout Groups to engage together in Scouting in a local community. It is not a program which is to be run by the National Team.

Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding

Scouts Australia:

• Awards and work completed towards the Awards Scheme by youth members are automatically recognised by their new Branch on receipt of appropriate documentation from their previous Group.

• Leader membership of Scouts Australia, training completed and part-completed are automatically recognised by their new Branch without any extra accreditation process following receipt of documentation from the previous Branch Office or Headquarters.

• Leaders transferring into a new Branch are informed of and are expected to give approval for a Police Report in their new State or Territory. Appointment will be subject to the outcome of that Report which includes any national Police reporting procedures.

• Branches receiving transfers in of youth members and leaders waive membership fees for the remainder of that Branch’s financial year when the transfer of youth members and leaders occurs within a Scout Financial Year.

• Branches are to indicate the number of badges needed to the National Office, which will distribute the full quantities to Branches to hold. One badge would be made, common to all Sections.

• Badges are earned by individual members of Groups that participate in this partnership. They are not part of the Scout Uniform unless, with Branch approval, they are displayed on the Group Scarf. They are designed as camp blanket style badges.

• A contact person is appointed by each Branch to initiate and establish a strong relationship with DFA Delegates in their Branch and to provide information to the DFA Delegate to facilitate transfers into the Branch. The Scout contact person provides contact details of relevant Groups and Rover Crews and is a resource person for any issues which may arise.

• The Branch contact person is responsible to a person appointed by the Branch Chief Commissioner. Support is provided by the National Project Commissioner, Partnerships who has a reporting role to the NOC.

• The ownership, implementation and delivery of the program are developed by local Groups and Defence families in a way and at a pace that is determined by local Groups and the DFA.

Defence Families of Australia

• DFA Delegates in each State and Territory provide information to expedite transfers into the new Branch, to act as facilitators and to receive information from Branches regarding appropriate Groups and Rover Crews.

• DFA disseminates Scouting information through all their communications, educating Defence families on the many benefits of Scout program.

• DFA communicates with Scouts Australia through the Branch contact person and local Groups about the unique lifestyles of Defence families to help improve community understanding through Scouts Australia.

Branch/Defence Contact Points and Support Processes:

The most important contacts are between Group personnel, the Defence Contact Delegates and the Branch contact person.

Defence Contact Delegates have been provided by the Chief Commissioner, ACT to all Branches.

The Chief Commissioner, ACT and the National Project Commissioner, Partnerships liaise to provide a current list to the National Project Commissioner, Partnerships who then communicates with Branches.

Branch Chief Commissioners provide contact details of all Branch contact people to the National Project Commissioner, Partnerships.

The Branch contact person and the National Project Commissioner, Partnerships liaise to provide opportunities for sharing of experiences across Branches to ascertain best practice etc, support where necessary and information for communication to the NOC.8

This will provide a collegiate approach. The National Commissioner Partnerships, with the support of the National Office, will collate and provide a brief report to each NOC meeting. This report advises the NOC on the progress of the implementation of the Memorandum and allows the NOC to respond with feedback to Branches and Groups as appropriate.

The Award of Scouting for Defence Force Families Badges

Badge Composition

The design of the badge incorporates the Tri Services logo – a rarely bestowed honour – together with the words “Scouting for ADF Families.

The badge design and colours are common for all Sections. It will have a purple border.


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