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Venturer Scouts

Venturer scouts are for young adults aged 14½ to 18 who are looking for adventure, new experiences and fun.

Venturers are about being challenged, learning new skills and making new friends.  As older more mature scouts, the sky is literally the limit as to what you can do as a Venturer.  Venturers organise and manage themselves with guidance from a leader.  Venturers are organised into Units with each Unit being run by a Unit Council.  Developing leadership and management skills is a big part of being a Venturer. Oh, and having fun.

Every 3 years Venturers from all over Australia (and beyond) come together for a Venture where they have 10 days of activities, expeditions and fun.  

Venturer badgework is aimed at self-development with the Queen's Scout award the pinnacle of a Venturer's scouting life.  The Queen's Scout Award is a royal warrant issued by the Queen's representative and is a significant and prestigious achievement.  

There is also opportunity to tie Venturer badgework in with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and work on both awards at once.  Previous experience in Scouting or Guiding is not required.

What you do in Venturers is up to you and can be as great as you choose to make it.  

Contact the Branch Commissioner for Venturer Scouts at bc.venturer@nthq.scouts.com.au or your local scout group for more information.

The next NT Venture will be held in 2019.

 AV2018 will be in January 2018 in Queensland. The website is here.